Symbioza Bella Skyway Festival 2019

Music for Symbioza at Bella Skyway Festival 2019

Symbioza is a mapping show exhibited during Bella Skyway Festival 2019, designed and created by Water Concept (Bogumił Palewicz & Robert Kusik), a company I have worked with on The Legend of the Magic Pearl – an unusual soundtrack.


The mapping show was created by Water Concept / Bodigi for Bella Skyway Festival in Toruń – one of the biggest light festivals, visited by over 400 000 people. The idea of the show was inspired by symbiosis – a long-term, close interaction of biological organisms. In this project however, the term is understood in a broader sense – as a coexistance of nature and technology.

Whenever I start working on a new project, I like to think about constrains as my first, and one of the most important creative choices – in this case, the only constrain was the structure / form of the music – it needed to create a sense of duality. The soundtrack for Symbioza has two main elements that create that sense: (1) a dark, swelling riff and (2) a short vocal line, that is being used (re-used) over different harmony.

Music for Symbioza was mixed and mastered in Los Angeles by Rafał Smoleń (Dawid Podsiadło, TACO) – one the best polish mixers and sound engineers. It was a huge honor to be a part of Bella Skyway Festival 2019 and I hope to be back next year with more music.

Ephemera is now available on Spotify, iTunes

I am very excited that Ephemera, my latest music album, is now available on all major music streaming serviesSpotify, Deezer, iTunes and Amazon Music. If you would like to support me in a more direct way, there`s still the possibility to buy the album on BANDCAMP – in a lossless format, with a beautiful digital booklet designed by Jakub Koźniewski.

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Borys Szyc on stage as Sherlock Holmes

Borys Szyc as Sherlock Holmes – full performance & soundtrack

Watch as Borys Szyc turns into Sherlock Holmes for the 2019 Off Camera closing ceremony. I wrote the soundtrack for the full performancemusic full of unusual sounds and hard-hitting riffs, which sounds more like steam punk comic, rather than a historical novel.

Borys Szyc na Off Camera 2019

Borys Szyc jako Sherlock Holmes, Doktor Watson, Irene Adler oraz Profesor Moriarty zrobił ogromne wrażenie na publiczności Off Camera 2019! Zobaczcie cały występ Borysa i posłuchajcie więcej w Storytel 🎧

Opublikowany przez Storytel Środa, 8 maja 2019

Storytel Sherlock Holmes @ Off Camera

Storytel Sherlock Holmes soundtrack @ Off Camera

During Mastercard Off Camera closing ceremony Borys Szyc performed excerpts of Sherlock Holmes, the new audiobook by Storytel. Set in a dark concert hall with no props and no scenography, the performace was relying solely on the actor`s skills. In this setting, the music had to became the props and scenography and set the tone for the show.

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Topografia - music for an interactive installation @ Warsaw Rising Museum

Soundtrack for Topografia at Warsaw Rising Museum

I recently had the pleasure to write music for Topografia, a new interactive installation and an exhibition currently showcasing at the Warsaw Rising Museum. The installation, which is a narrated and interactive map of Warsaw in 1944 was produced by Superskrypt / Podpunkt, companies specialized in exhibition design.

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Ephemera album cover

Ephemera – my new album for string quartet and synthesizers

Ephemera, the album I have been working on for quite some time now, is finally out. It has been a wonderful journey and I am slowly getting back to writing music for picture for my upcoming project. It`s a wonderful feeling to write music for a poem – scary at the same time, I must admit.

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