Biegne przy Tobie by Maciek Dobrowolski and SABINA

Biegnę przy Tobie – a new single by Maciek Dobrowolski & SABINA

Biegnę przy Tobie is a new single written by Maciek Dobrowolski and SABINA for the grand finale of The Legend of the Magic Pearl, a show created by Stellar Fireworks and directed by Jan Pomierny.

Biegnę przy Tobie a.k.a. The Song

The song is used in the spectacular dance sequence (choreography by Iza Szostak) in the third act and was written with the idea of surprising the audience  – the orchestral music starts the gentle love theme and then suddenly leaps into this big pop song, based on the same idea.

I knew I had to create a big and explosive chorus in contrast to the verse – so I came up with a simple drum transition taka-taka-TA that drives the song.

The lyrics were written by SABINA and reflect the story and dilemmas of the main character Ivo – who is in love with Luna, a siren that helps to keep the kingdom in peace. As the story of the show unfolds their love is tested and eventually prevails (in the end).

Biegnę przy Tobie recording session: Maciek Dobrowolski, Robert Amirian and SABINA

We have recorded all the vocals with Robert Amirian, a fantastic recording engineer, and a friend, in his studio in Warsaw. Last time I was there was during the 24 hour recording session for Clockwise.

Biegnę przy Tobie Credits

Maciek Dobrowolski – arrangement, mix and music production

SABINA –lyrics and vocal parts

Rober Amirian – vocal recording

Magda Piotrowska / Hear Candy Mastering – mastering

Stellar Fireworks – production and legal


Listen on Spotify, I pink think you will like it:

Legenda o Magiczne Perle (The Legend of The Magic Pearl)

The Legend of the Magic Pearl – an unusual soundtrack for a spectacle in the middle of a lake

The Legend of the Magic Pearl (Legenda o Magicznej Perle) is a project designed as a new format of entertainment – ‘an aquatic drama’.

In essence, it`s a mutlimedia spectacle set up on a specially build stage in the middle of a lake – with actors, mapping, lights, fountains and – of course – music. The show is a part of Legendia at Night, which is special, weekly event in Legendia amusement park in Chorzów. Directed by Jan Pomierny (known for his work as a producer on Ambition dir. Tomek Bagiński) and supported by a group of ex-Platige Image producers (Magdalena Pieńkowska and Łukasz Alwast), The Legend of The Magic Pearl was a huge and exciting undertaking.

The Soundtrack


Given the complex nature of the project, the decision was made to pace and build the narrative around the music – which basically meant that the score had to be written and completed before everything else. The choreography, mapping, lights and fountain programming were all timed and synced to my score. The writing process was a particulary rewarding experience – since there was no picture to guide my work (only the plot written out) I could do as I please in terms of timings of scenes, transitions and drama.

Without the constrains of the visuals, othere creative choices were limitless as well – intrumentation, electronic elements (the score has a suprising amout of synthesizers), guitars (with the fantastic Olo Grockocki) and all the usual, aquatic sounds we recorded with Kamil Rogiński (waterphone included – it is an aquatic drama after all !). The orchestral strings were overdubbed with violins and cellos (Piotr and Maciej Nermer).

Did I mention we had an 8 string ? Aleksander Olo Grochocki #soundtrack #meshuggah

Opublikowany przez Maciek Dobrowolski Środa, 28 sierpnia 2019


The Collaboration

The Legend of The Magic Pearl was a different project for me for one more reason. Since my work has directly influenced all the members of the team, I was in constant creative dialogue not only with the director, producers and animators (Karolina Jacewicz), but also with Iza Szostak, a well-established choreographer and Bogumił Palewicz – a renowned lighting director known for his superproductions of Wagner` The Ring Cycle at Opera Wrocławska* together with Robert Kusik.  After The Legend of the Magic Pearl I have worked with Bogumił and Robert on Symbioza at Bella Skyway 2019

Fun fact: I actually attended one of those productions – The Valkyrie in 2004 – I still have the poster !

The Legend Of The Magic Pearl premieres

Just yesterday, the The Legend of The Magic Pearl premiered in Legendia amusement park in Chorzów. The event started at 10 p.m.

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Maciek Dobrowolski & Kamil Rogiński - high five !

Recording session with Kamil Rogiński

We have just finished a 6 hour recording session with Kamil Rogiński, a fantastic musician I last worked with while scoring Clockwise. I always enjoy working with Kamil – recording sessions are always fun, creative and full of moments of improvised brilliance. Last time we recorded for a movie, this time it is a different format – The Legend of the Magic Pearl (Legenda o magicznej perle) is an aquatic fantasy drama set up on the lake of Legendia – Silesian Amusement Park.

This time we recorded various ethnic flutes (Xiao, small traditional slavic flutes), a kitara, low percussion and a beautiful-sounding waterphone (the theme of the show is water wink wink). The recording session took place in Quality Studio, a facility I enjoy recording in while in Warsaw.