Symbioza Bella Skyway Festival 2019

Music for Symbioza at Bella Skyway Festival 2019

Symbioza is a mapping show exhibited during Bella Skyway Festival 2019, designed and created by Water Concept (Bogumił Palewicz & Robert Kusik), a company I have worked with on The Legend of the Magic Pearl – an unusual soundtrack.


The mapping show was created by Water Concept / Bodigi for Bella Skyway Festival in Toruń – one of the biggest light festivals, visited by over 400 000 people. The idea of the show was inspired by symbiosis – a long-term, close interaction of biological organisms. In this project however, the term is understood in a broader sense – as a coexistance of nature and technology.

Whenever I start working on a new project, I like to think about constrains as my first, and one of the most important creative choices – in this case, the only constrain was the structure / form of the music – it needed to create a sense of duality. The soundtrack for Symbioza has two main elements that create that sense: (1) a dark, swelling riff and (2) a short vocal line, that is being used (re-used) over different harmony.

Music for Symbioza was mixed and mastered in Los Angeles by Rafał Smoleń (Dawid Podsiadło, TACO) – one the best polish mixers and sound engineers. It was a huge honor to be a part of Bella Skyway Festival 2019 and I hope to be back next year with more music.