Storytel Sherlock Holmes @ Off Camera

Storytel Sherlock Holmes soundtrack @ Off Camera

During Mastercard Off Camera closing ceremony Borys Szyc performed excerpts of Sherlock Holmes, the new audiobook by Storytel. Set in a dark concert hall with no props and no scenography, the performace was relying solely on the actor`s skills. In this setting, the music had to became the props and scenography and set the tone for the show.

  The short score I wrote had to excite and provide transition as the actor turned to various charaters and parts in the book – all of that, while constantly building the imaginary scenography. It`s one of those world-building projects, which I really love.

For the performace, I wanted to create something a bit different, than the typical Sherlock Holmes score – something modern, that feels more like steam punk, rather than XIX century. Therefore, I chose rather blatant synth sound (with some extensive portamento), heavy kick and distorted cello.

Here`s a snippet of the main theme:

Sherlock Holmes performance by Borys Szyc

During Off Camera closing ceremony Borys Szyc performed excerpts of Sherlock Holmes (new audiobook by Storytel) – I had the pleasure of writing music for the performance 🙂

Opublikowany przez Maciek Dobrowolski Poniedziałek, 6 maja 2019


You can watch the full performance with my music here: Borys Szyc as Sherlock Holmes – full performance