Ephemera album cover

Ephemera – my new album for string quartet and synthesizers

Ephemera, the album I have been working on for quite some time now, is finally out. It has been a wonderful journey and I am slowly getting back to writing music for picture for my upcoming project. It`s a wonderful feeling to write music for a poem – scary at the same time, I must admit.

I was lucky enough to write the music not only in my studio in Warsaw, but also in Tuscany, where I have stayed for a while between June and September 2017. We recorded the string quartet in Quality Studio, and the following months were spent (with breaks) on the sound design, mixing and production. I was lucky enough that Taylor Deupree (who worked and collaborated with Ryuichi Sakamoto, Alva Noto and Sigur Ros) was available and wanted to do the mastering of the album.

The Album

Ephemera is a project of passion and a personal statement
– it is an album written for string quartet and heavily
processed ambient soundscapes, combining lyrical violin
melodies and distorted percussion; an album of many
shades and colours, deeply inspired by W.B. Yeats`
evocative poem of the same title.

This is what I wrote inside the booklet for Ephemera and this is what the album actually is – a personal project, music that came out to being from a deep need. Sometime in late winter, around march, I was browsing through a volume of collected poems by W.B. Yates and stumbled upon Ephemera. I read it few times and went to bed. The next day, I read it few more times and then the next day I read it, and the next… somehow, the album already came to being and I was living it and writing for the next few months. Without going into too much details and killing the joy of discovery and own interpretation, the album *is* a lot to me, and I hope the listener can find just as much.

You can listen to the full album and purchase it (lossless format) below:

Ephemera Credits

written, arranged and
Maciek Dobrowolski

string quartet
Piotr Nermer
Dominika Kusek
Dominika Majerska
Marcin Kusek

Maja Olenderek

Taylor Deupree (12k mastering)

album artwork
Jakub Koźniewski
(cover photo by autumn studio on unsplash)