Clockwise - soundtrack album cover.

Clockwise – my score for the first Qatari movie in history

Featuring a magnificent score and shot in various locations in Qatar, including Souq Waqif, Wakra and Shamal, ‘Clockwise’ is Qatar’s first feature-length film, as well as director Khalifa Al-Muraikhi’s feature debut.


The first movie ever done in Qatar

I was lucky enough to have scored a first movie ever produced in Qatar, and thus be a part of a significant moment in the history of Qatari cinematography – and all of that happend when I was just 24. The film, inspired by an early 20th century legend, is set in a fishing village in northern Qatar. A ship drowns and its sole survivors are Atique Bin Barood and a baby in a box. Atique saves the baby, Saad, and raises him as his own. When Saad grows up, he discovers his father’s secret relationship with a djinn. The djinn had taught Atique and three of his friends the art of playing ‘Fjiri’ – the specific repertoire of vocal music sung by the pearl divers of the Arab states. Atique and his friends soon find themselves in adverse circumstances. Help soon arrives from an unexpected quarter – Saad’s female djinn.



Score production

The score was written in late 2009 and early 2010, with the recording session taking place around June 2010. I was lucky enough to have Robert Amirian on board, a prolific polish music producer, known, among others, for founding NEXT POP label (Fis-moll, KARI, BOKKA). All the solists were recorded with Robert: Mateusz Smoczyński (violin), KARI (vocals), Marcin Rumiński (whistle & mandolin) and Kamil Rogiński (darabukas, various flutes and percussion).

The string orchestra (Sinfonia Viva) was recorded at the famous Studio Koncertowe Polskiego Radia im. Witolda Lutosławskiego by Tadeusz Mieczkowski and conducted by the renowned composer and jazz pianist, Krzysztof Herdzin. All the orchestrations were done by Radzimir Dębski, also known for his orchestral hip-hop arrangements under the alias JIMEK.


After the movie premiere, which I had the privilige of attending in Doha, the score got wonderful reviews  and eventually was released by an international film music label.