Maciek Dobrowolski is proud to announce the release of The Windé, an album based on his work for the film by Gavin J Woodward. It follows on the tail of his critically acclaimed feature debut, the soundtrack for the 2010 film Clockwise by Qatari director Khalifa al-Muraikhi.

The album draws on the film’s ancient Celtic setting, conjuring up atmospheric images of rain-drenched moorlands and shadowy forests. The project has been a particularly personal one for Dobrowolski: while the film only required 15 minutes of music, he has continued to work on it, expanding the score to nearly 53 minutes in length. It brings together an accomplished cast of performers from far and wide, with recordings made in Warsaw and London.

Weaving their way throughout the whole album are the vocals of Kari Amirian, with everything from soft lullabies to rousing vocal chants. Further contributions come from two members of Polish Celtic band Shannon: soothing whistles and fiery mandolins from Marcin Rumiński, and the plaintive sounds of the solo violin and the Swedish keyed fiddle, the nyckelharpa, from Marcin Drabik. Delicate classical guitar melodies come courtesy of British multi-instrumentalist Richard Carter, who also embellishes the album with steel-string acoustic guitar, mandolin and octave mandola. Providing a backdrop to it all are the strings of the Warsaw-based Fair Play Quartet.

The parts come together to form an album which is as diverse as its contributors, a whole greater than the sum of its parts, from a collaboration which has spanned oceans and forged new friendships.

It is available for purchase as a digital download from iTunes, Amazon and most other popular digital download platforms. The iTunes release also includes an exclusive digital booklet.

Music From and Inspired by the Motion Picture

The Windé


1.  The Moorlands (2:56)
2.  Kynan and Brennin (3:31)
3.  Legend of the Beast (2:45)
4.  Rogue Wolf (3:05)
5.  The Journey (2:37)
6.  The Gilded Forest (3:41)
7.  The Prowling Beast (4:12)
8.  The Hunt (3:02)
9.  A Flower Blooms (5:18)
10. My Path, My Freedom (3:05)
11. The Search for Inner Peace (3:22)
12. The Unknown (2:31)
13. Reunited (4:39)
14. The Moorlands Reprise (2:50)
15. Farewell (5:10)


Music Composed and Arranged by Maciek Dobrowolski
Music Produced by Maciek Dobrowolski
Album Produced by Maciek Dobrowolski, Paweł Stroiński and Richard Carter
Coffee Produced in large quantities

Vocals, Whistle, Violin, Mandolin and string quartet recorded by Robert Amirian at Sound Tropez Studio
Nyckelharpa recorded by Krzysztof Podsiadło at Sound Tropez Studio
Acoustic Guitars, Octave Mandola and additional Mandolin recorded by Richard Carter

Music Performed by Fair Play Quartet:

Paulina Mastyło – 1st Violin
Justyna Milkiewicz – 2nd Violin
Agnieszka Zagroba-Klahs – Viola
Jan Stokłosa – Cello

Featured soloists:

Kari Amirian – Vocals
Marcin Rumiński – Whistle, Mandolin
Marcin Drabik – Violin, Nyckelharpa
Richard Carter – Classical and Steel-String Acoustic Guitars, Octave Mandola, Mandolin on The Unknown
Maciek Dobrowolski – Synthesizers, Electric Guitar

Mixed by Maciek Dobrowolski
Mix Consultant: Richard Carter
Synth programming: Maciek Dobrowolski
Mastered by Richard Carter, assisted by Aloïs Zenz
Artwork by Sonia Pihlajaniemi
Album Art Design by Luis Miguel Rojas