Roland Heap

Maciek wrote what can only be described as an exceptional score for Clockwise. The strength of the compositions are such that they stand alone as beautiful pieces of music, but the way they support and enhance the action on screen is superb. With this excellent debut score Maciek shows the potential to become a very significant score composer

Roland Heapmusic supervisor / sounddisposition.comSound Disposition
James Southall

I get sent numerous promotional albums and rarely review them (there doesn’t seem much point reviewing something which nobody can buy) but it’s clear I would have to make an exception for this one, such is its strength.  Dobrowolski – who is only 25 – has fashioned an exquisitely beautiful, thematic score which is worthy of being heard very widely and I hope a label will see fit to release it.

James SouthallFilm music critic, member of International Film Music Critics AssociationMovie Wave
Jakub Koźniewski

Maciek is a very talented and dedicated composer, I know him for years and I was able to observe his rapid development. I’m being frequently astonished by the quality of his work and got the privilege to work with him on a couple of projects for interactive/ad agencies such as Max Weber, Blueberry and 180hb where his music and sound effects really contributed to great user experience. I’m also grateful for his work on behalf of panGenerator where he provided us with great soundtracks for our video documentations and promos

Jakub KoźniewskiInteractive-experience designer and new media artistPanGenerator