'Clockwise' released by KeepMoving Records


It is my great pleasure to announce that ‘Clockwise’ score has been released by KeepMoving Records and is available to buy here  ($11.99 + shipping). The score for the Qatari movie has gathered very positive response and has been called exquisitely beautiful (MovieWave.net) and  filled with lovely themes and emotional underscore (MainTitles.net).

The music was conducted by Krzysztof Herdzin, performed by Sinfonia Viva and features solo performances by Kari Amirian, Marcin Rumiński, Kamil Rogiński, Mateusz Smoczyński and Justyna Meliszek. It was recorded at Polish Radio Studio S2/S4 and Sound Tropez Studio (Robert Amirian, Michał Szolc).