‘Clockwise’ review by James Southall

James Southall, one of the most well-known film music reviewers, took the time to review my score for ‘Clockwise’.  The full-text review can be found here: http://www.movie-wave.net/?p=1801.

Here is a short extract from the review:

I get sent numerous promotional albums and rarely review them (there doesn’t seem much point reviewing something which nobody can buy) but it’s clear I would have to make an exception for this one, such is its strength.  Dobrowolski – who is only 25 – has fashioned an exquisitely beautiful, thematic score which is worthy of being heard very widely and I hope a label will see fit to release it.

‘Clockwise’ review by Alan Rogers

‘Clockwise’ score review written by Alan Rogers was just published on maintitles.net (here). I am thrilled to read such a positive review, didn`t quite expect it. The score was rated 4 stars (out of 5). It is especially pleasuring to read that:
Clockwise is a beautifully realised score, filled with lovely themes and emotional underscore that highlights Dobrowolski as one of a group of up-and-coming composers who are learning their craft with limited resources but who are producing a finished product of great quality.

I strongly encourge you to read the whole review. Thanks Alan !

‘Clockwise’ premiere

I`m back 🙂 Even though my visit in Qatar was rather short and very intense, I am sooo happy I could participate in this memorable event.

To cut a long story short: I arrived to Doha Wednesday evening, so all I could do was to eat supper and go to sleep. Next day I met Roland Heap (sound design and music supervision) and, since the premiere was at 7  p.m., we had a litte trip around Doha. We visited the  Museum of Islamic Art and Souq Waqif (Old Market).  Then a short nap and off to the premiere !

It was a truly amazing feeling to see the movie with all the vfx and sound design. Besides that, I had the opportunity to meet most of the actors, couple of  filmmakers from the Gulf and film critics. From what I know, everyone loved the music ! 🙂 I got some great feedback from a couple of people.

I am sending a couple of photos from the sighseeing tour around Doha, unfortunately I don`t have any pics from the premiere…

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