‘Clockwise’ released by KeepMoving Records

It is my great pleasure to announce that ‘Clockwise’ score has been released by KeepMoving Records and is available to buy here  ($11.99 + shipping). The score for the Qatari movie has gathered very positive response and has been called exquisitely beautiful (MovieWave.net) and  filled with lovely themes and emotional underscore (MainTitles.net).

The music was conducted by Krzysztof Herdzin, performed by Sinfonia Viva and features solo performances by Kari Amirian, Marcin Rumiński, Kamil Rogiński, Mateusz Smoczyński and Justyna Meliszek. It was recorded at Polish Radio Studio S2/S4 and Sound Tropez Studio (Robert Amirian, Michał Szolc).

‘The Winde’ previews

Hi there !
I am very excited to say that we are slowly wrapping up the mixing and mastering of ‘The Winde’. The album will be released in early February as a digital download and possibly CDs. I had an amazing group of musicians playing on it – Kari Amirian, Marcin Rumiński, Marcin Drabik, Richard Carter and the Fair Play Quartet, so expect some stellar performances ! You can find some raw excerpts of the score below 🙂

‘The Winde’ soloists: Marcin Ruminski

[easy_image src=”http://mdobrowolski.com/wp-content/uploads/rQZvXh.jpg” size=”l” title=”Marcin Rumiński” group=”” link=”” crop=”c”]
Photo: Mirko Bosio

It is my great pleasure to announce, that Marcin will perform all the whistle and mandolin parts on The Winde score.

Marcin is a multi-instrumentalist, composer and arranger. He is also the founding member of the successful ethnic bands Shannon and Hoboud (awarded II Folkowy Fonogram in 2009), with whom he performed at various international concerts and festivals such as Rainforest World Music Festival. He specializes in playing whistles, highland and uillean pipes, mandolin and various percussion instruments… and yeah, he is also proficient in Tuvan throat singing.  Since 2011, he is a member of Polish-Czech singer Halinka Mlynkova`s band.

In 2010 Marcin sung, played on whistles and percussion instruments on my score for Clockwise, adding a great amount of depth and beauty to the score. His performance was praised by many of the listeners and reviewers.

Needless to say, I am very excited to work with him again 🙂


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The Winde: work progress #1

This is the first update on scoring “The Winde”. Since I am almost halfway through the composing process I can share some light on the score. I intend to blog about the progress, maybe share some photos and videos from the recording sessions later on 😉

As you may know, “The Winde” is a short film, and I am writing a regular 40 minutes score. There is a couple of reasons for that – firstly, I felt really inspired by the script, the characters and the world of “The Winde” and I think that 10 or even 20 minutes of music is not enough to present all the important concepts and ideas in Gavin`s story (such as the role of nature, hunt for the wolf as a rite of passage and so on). To tell you the truth, I haven`t been so inspired in quite some time… The second reason is that I wanted to challenge myself, write another full length score and feel the thrill of creating a “musical world” (that is what this is all about, right ?).

[easy_image src=”http://mdobrowolski.com/wp-content/uploads/PolAa0.jpg” size=”s” title=”Image Title” group=”” link=”” crop=”c”]

At the moment I have got all the themes written down along with the cues for the movie. That`s about 20 minutes of music + I have got around 10 minutes of smaller cues, ideas and sketches. I plan to finish the writing process by June 10th (with a short break for the Krakow Film Music Festival), so I can book the studio and start recording the soloists later in June. Then the hard part comes, since I will be mixing and editing all the material by myself…

Anyway, writing the score for “The Winde” has been an amazing experience so far, probably because of how much freedom I have regarding the mood and vibe of the music… besides, who doesn`t like to write an adventure score with celtic and world music elements in it ? Well, I do 😉

I should get back to work now 🙂 Stay tuned for more updates.

Artwork by: Sonia Pihlajaniemi

Maciek joins the developers of ‘Origins of Malu’

I am very happy to announce that I have joined Burning Dog Media, currently working on a  mmorpg entitled “Origins of Malu”. I will be a part of a team of composers, responsible for writing music to the vast world of the game.

Origins of Malu is a sandbox game. The game’s primary goal is to provide freedom to the player and exciting game play with a compelling storyline. With mobile and social app integration, players will be able to log in through their phones and mobile devices so you never have to miss a thing.

You can find more information about the game at the official website: http://www.originsmmo.com