Radiogram – feature film

In the last quarter of 2015 I will be scoring a Bulgarian-Polish feature film entitled “Radiogram” directed by Rouzie Hassanova and coproduced by Filmokracja (a company that recently produced “Chemo” by Bartek Prokopowicz). I have been doing musical research for this project for quite some time, and honesty, I couldn`t be more excited  !

I will try to keep on posting about the project as stuff happens and ideas develop ! Hopefully, I`ll be able to write something about the music when it`s ready.

Read more about the project:–TA7scI

Scoring “TRIP”

I am slowly finishing writing a score for a fantastic movie entitled ‘Trip’, directed by  Tomasz Gajewski and  Maciej Buchwald (a recent grand prix winner for “Kac” at the Łodzią po Wiśle film festival).

The score for this dark and surreal film features lots of heavily manipulated custom recorded sounds and is being mixed in 5.1 to create a truly ‘trippy’ experience. Stay tuned !


Maciek wins the second prize during FMF

It is our great pleasure to announce, that Maciek has won the 2nd award  in the FMF Young Talent Award during  Festiwal Muzyki Filmowej w Krakowie. The jury consisted of some of the most respected people in the business:

Garry Schyman (composer for the Bioshock series)
Robert Piaskowski (Kraków FMF Artistic Director)
Simon Greenaway (Director of Film & TV UK/Europe ASCAP)
Robert Townson (Vice President, Varese Sarabande Records)
Michael Todd (Sr. Director of Film/TV Music and New Media, ASCAP)
Magdalena Wojewoda (RMF Classic, Program Director)
Daniel Carlin (Chairman, Director of the Scoring for Motion Picture and Television, Thornton School of Music, University of Southern California)
Richard Guerin (Director of Zarathustra Music)

Congratulations !