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Sailing with Morton Feldman

I recently took a short vacation break and went sailing with some of my good friends to Greece (starting in Pireus and visiting Hydra and Poros among others). We have been sailing for a few days already, my last week’s everyday was a distant memory and was replaced by everyday blue vastness and windy spaciousness. […]

It`s #Noirvember !

So, apparenty November is also known as #Noirvember now (thanks to Marya, My Sweet), which is a really cool way to celebrate ‘the Noir’ and maybe motivate ourselves to watch/rewatch some of the classics. I have managed to watch Detour, which I thought was okay-ish (though I expected a bit more given it`s cult status), I […]

Quantum of Peace

I recently had the pleasure to score a short promo video for an installation made by PanGenerator and commisioned by the Warsaw Rising Museum. I had the chance to see the installation while it was exhibited and experience the racket made by hundreds of falling gun shells; fantastic (well, in a way) stuff. Here`s a brief […]

Bulgarian Music Books

have been doing research on Bulgarian music and culture for quite a while now, and I found the subject quite fascinating. I have managed to get my hands on two particularly interesting books – Music in Bulgaria: Experiencing Music, Expressing Culture by Timothy Rice and Performing Democracy: Bulgarian Music and Musicians in Transition by Donna A. Buchanan. […]

Radiogram – feature film

In the last quarter of 2015 I will be scoring a Bulgarian-Polish feature film entitled “Radiogram” directed by Rouzie Hassanova and coproduced by Filmokracja (a company that recently produced “Chemo” by Bartek Prokopowicz). I have been doing musical research for this project for quite some time, and honesty, I couldn`t be more excited  ! I will try […]